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Table of Contents

Unit One: Japan's Heritage

National Symbols of Japan: The National Flag and Anthem
National Symbols of Japan: Cherry Blossom
Japanese Folktales
Famous People of Japan:

Literature, Politics, Film,Television, and the Imperial Family
Tezuka Osamu
Katsushika Hokusai
Tetsuko Kuroyanagi

United-States Japanese History

United States-Japanese Relations in Post World War II Era:

#1: Impact of the End of World War II on Japan
#2: United States Decisions About Japan
#3: Expectations Based on Historical Precedent
#4: General Douglas MacArthur in Japan
#5: The End of United States' Occupation of Japan
#6: Japan Recovers Economically
#7: Peace

Unit Two: Contemporary Culture

An Introduction to Japanese Food
Cultural Differences in the Diet of American and Japanese Families
Religion in Japan
Japan Day
Japanese Writing
Making a Karuta Game
Women in Society
Elderly in Japanese Society
Recycling in Japan

Unit Three: Japan's Place in the World

Geography of Japan
Comparative Geography I
Comparative Geography II
The Effects of Limited Space on a Culture
Economic Miracle

Part 1: How Japan's Culture Helped its Economic Recovery

Lesson #1: Surplus funds for investment
Lesson #2: Importance of the goals of the group over the individual
Lesson #3: Surplus of well-educated workers

Part 2: Factors due to Governmental Policies

Lesson #4: Low military expense
Lesson #5: State-assisted capitalism
Lesson #6: Stable political situation

Part 3: Factors due to Company Procedures

Lesson #7: Industrial Relations
Lesson #8: Competition and entrepreneurship
Lesson #9: Shift of types of products made

Part 4: Factors due to World Happenings

Lesson #10: To Market, to market
Part 5: Causes of Stagnation
Lesson #11: Money and Land Problems

Unit Four: Decision Making in Japan

Comparative Government: Japan and the United States
Disasters and Decision Making
Moral and Ethical Beliefs: Proverbs

The Concept of Wa:
The Concept of Wa I
The Concept of Wa II
The Concept of Wa III
The Ideal Judge
The Importance of the Group in Japan
The Role of Lawyers




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